New LP and some shows…

We released our new record „Monumenty selhání“. It wasn’t planned but it comes out exactly 10 years after our first demo. The whole layout including a 12-page booklet was made by Petr Blaha (check out his band ZMAR) using a photograph by JJ Henry. We recorded it all by ourselves at our homeplace – SF Mini but the final mix & master was done by Amak Golden. The spoken word for the opening track was written and performed by Dan Nguyen (Aralkum). We’re happy that is LP is released by our friends Contraszt! rec. and Rope or Guillotine who’ve been supporting our bands for years. You can order the record from the labels or from our bandcamp (you can also download it there for name your price) or you can grab it at one of the upcoming shows:

11.10.2019 – Salzburg (AT)
12.10.2019 – Innsbruck (AT) – Krawallbürstenfest
25.10.2019 – Liberec – Azyl
26.10.2019 – Vernéřovice – Soulkostel
12.10.2019 – Wroclaw (PL) – CRK
22.11.2019 – Wien (AT) – Venster99
13.12.2019 – Olomouc – SF Mini
14.12.2019 – Trnava (SK) – Kubik
15.12.2019 – Brno – Kabinet Múz


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